Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EuroBasket 2011: the beginning is fun!

EuroBasket 2011 has just started! And I will be updating you on most interesting moments. I won't give you results or analyze games, but I will definitely tell you most interesting stories about life in Lithuania during EuroBasket 2011.

Just look at the photo. And please comment what was your first thoughts.

Basketball players from Spain in their hotel room in Panevezys, Lithuania
Spanish Marc Gasol tweeted this photo of his hotel room in Panevezys... Do you think they live in some ugly old house? No! It's art on the wall! Lithuanian art is very very original... I am afraid most of the world will not understand it...

Another funny story widely spread in media these days: Lithuanian basketball team lives in a hotel not far away from wastewater treatment place. So the smell is so wonderful... But most Lithuanian players grew up in  the country, so they are used to the smell of manure... Real Lithuanian smell is not a problem and we will win!

And here is a photo of the EuroBasket 2011 opening show in Vilnius. Our local celebrities are very very sexy... Photos of singer Mia's panties was all over the internet...

Lithuanian singer Mia is a very sexy girl

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tourist route of Neris left bank

Yesterday I had a wonderful bike tour in Neris Regional Park!

Neris Regional Park

If you want to see the beauty of Lithuanian nature, I recommend you to visit Neris Regional Park. If you are coming to Lithuania just for a few days, Neris Regional Park is not the top place you should see. But if you have time and love nature, you should visit it.

The river Neris

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Allotment gardens in Lithuania

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a nice summer. I surely did ;) The weather in Lithuania was not very pleasant with lots of rain and not too warm. But I had great vacations. Now I am back and ready to write more blog posts.

Most of my summer I spent in the allotment garden outside Vilnius, so today I will explain you what it is, because I know that in some countries allotments do not exist.

During the times of the Soviet Union people living in the cities were given small (6-8 a) plots of land outside the city. The areas of these plots were called “collective gardens”. Usually people grew vegetable and fruits in their land and they also could build small houses. Building big serious houses in allotment gardens was forbidden, so the houses there were suitable to live only in summer.

Nowadays allotment gardens still exist near all the biggest cities in Lithuania. But the times have changed, so the primary purpose of having a garden now is not growing vegetables, but having a country-house and a nice place to spend weekends. Now many people build big houses in allotments and move to live there all year long.